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Gloucester Point

Aerial View of Gloucester Point, VA AreaThe NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office established a presence in Gloucester Point, Virginia, at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) in 2004. VIMS is unique among marine science institutions because it is legally mandated to provide research, education, and advisory service to government, citizens, and industry. It is for this reason that NOAA maintains an office at this institution. The NOAA office has grown to include staff from the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office, NOAA Restoration Center, and NOAA Fisheries Office of Habitat Conservation. Staff members who work at VIMS focus primarily on coastal fisheries and habitat restoration, research, and regulatory reviews.

Two other NOAA-funded offices are also located at VIMS: Virginia Sea Grant and theĀ Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve System. This colocation allows NOAA staff to collaborate with each other and the state of Virginia on a wide range of policy issues including fisheries management, habitat mapping, education and outreach, and climate change.


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