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NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office Field Team “Captures” Sturgeon on Sonar

The NCBO Field Team was using sonar to map critical habitat when it captured images including sturgeon... Read more >


Blue Catfish in the Chesapeake--Invasive and Tasty!

Blue catfish are voracious eaters, and they have few natural predators. Putting these invasive fish on your plate can help other species... Read more >


FY17 Fisheries Research Project Grants Announced; Focus on Forage and Habitat

The NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office has announced the grantees that will receive FY17 funding through the NCBO Fisheries Research Program.... Read more >


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Choptank Habitat Focus Area
The Choptank River, its tributaries, and their watershed are treasured parts of the Chesapeake Bay. NOAA is restoring habitat, connecting decisionmakers with the latest information, and engaging communities as they look to their future.
Coastal Preparedness
Immediate and potentially life-threatening events such as hurricanes as well as long-term issues like recurrent tidal flooding pose real challenges to Chesapeake communities. NOAA provides science and tools to understand and prepare for these effects.