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Sean Corson 410-267-5646
Acting Director [National Marine Fisheries Service]


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Ecosystem Science and Synthesis

Bruce Vogt 410-267-5655
Manager, Ecosystem Science and Synthesis [National Marine Fisheries Service]


David Bruce 410-226-5193, ext. 110
Ecologist [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Sara Coleman 410-267-5645
Fishery Program Analyst [ERT]


Jennifer Dopkowski 410-267-5656
Climate Change Coordinator [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Jay Lazar 410-295-3143
Physical Scientist [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Morgan Corey 410-295-3144
Sustainable Fisheries GIT Staffer [CRC]


Stephanie Westby 410-295-3153
Oyster Coord. & Environmental Eng.[National Marine Fisheries Service, Restoration Center]


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Environmental Literacy and Partnerships

Shannon Sprague 410-267-5664
Manager, Environmental Literacy and Partnerships [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Kim Couranz 410-267-5673
Communications Specialist [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Andrew W. Larkin 757-441-6746, ext. 201
Senior Program Analyst [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Bart Merrick 410-295-3142
Education Coordinator [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Sammy Orlando 410-267-5642
NOS National Marine Sanctuary Program [on detail to NCBO]


Kevin Schabow 410-295-3145
Program Analyst [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Lauren Taneyhill 410-267-5647
Partnerships Program Analyst [ERT]


Elise Trelegan 410-226-1015
Education Specialist [ERT]


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Bill Bradley 410-295-3146
IT Program Manager [National Marine Fisheries Service]


Taylor Giordano  410-267-5660
Buoy Technical Specialist [ERT]


Tyler Fifield 410-295-3156

NOAA Corps Officer [Office of Marine and Aviation Operations]


Byron Kilbourne 410-267-5677
Lead Oceanographer [NOAA Fisheries]


Andy McGowan 410-295-3155
Field Technician [ERT]


CJ Pellerin 410-295-3151
Data Specialist [ERT]


Matthew Talbot   
Buoy Technical Specialist [ERT]


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Other NOAA Employees at NCBO


John Kuriawa 410-267-5668
Coastal Program Specialist [National Ocean Service]


Ron Vogel 410-295-3150
Satellite Oceanographer [NESDIS]


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