Chesapeake Exploration

NOAA's Chesapeake Exploration brings the science of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail to life through the use of data from the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System (CBIBS) and other partners, including the NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS). NOAA, in partnership with National Geographic, is developing this online curriculum to give teachers unprecedented access to lessons designed around real-time data.

ChesExplorationUsing Chesapeake Exploration, students can query observational platforms throughout the Bay from their classroom. Chesapeake Exploration asks the students to think through scientific principles related to geography, water quality and weather phenomena using the current observation and geographic data. Students' work is submitted online to their teacher, who will have access to both student work and answer keys. Using Chesapeake Exploratin, teachers have the ability to create a unique online environment for their classrooms, by choosing from an array of questons and quizzes available.

Chesapeake Exploration provides an exciting opportunity to further explore the concepts introduced by the NOAA Estuaries 101 curriculum.

Access Chesapeake Exploration HERE.