Teacher Training and Support

Teachers are critical to the success of ESP. They are heavily involved in the program by assisting their students as they complete research projects, develop research questions, identify actions, and create their symposium presentations. Teachers are also encouraged to incorporate the Chesapeake into other lessons, and are provided lessons plans and educational resources about the Chesapeake Bay.

To familiarize educators with the Chesapeake science topics their students will be learning about, teachers are encouraged to attend a free multiday summer training at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC). This hands-on training led by NOAA and Smithsonian Environmental Research Center educators and scientists provides teachers an opportunity to conduct environmental and marine science in the field at a world-class research institute. By recording data from fish trawls, analyzing side-scan sonar, collecting underwater grass samples, tagging blue crabs, and more, the training gives teachers confidence to teach about Chesapeake Bay issues and the knowledge they need to guide their students throughout their ESP experience.