Environmental Science Training Center

The NOAA Environmental Science Training Center provides training and in-depth experiences for environmental education professionals to advance their abilities to effectively convey the latest information on science, technology, engineering, and math to teachers and students. Trainings focus on integrating science into the classroom and field based programming, drawing on NOAA and partner expertise and capabilities.

The Center offers half-day to multiday workshops on scientific topics such as:

  • Science Communication: Programming for science professionals in support of their effective communication and outreach efforts
  • Fisheries Science: keystone species, shifting base lines, oyster and fish disease, blue crab abundance, and menhaden policy
  • Weather and Climate: SkyWarn, coastal inundation, and climate adaptation
  • Water Quality: phytoplankton, tributary report cards, and ecoforecasting
  • Observations: Chesapeake Exploration curriculum training, student-built buoy activities, and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) lessons and activities

NOAA opened the training center's location at the Cooperative Oxford Laboratory campus on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 2010. The Center has offered frequent workshops for environmental educators at that location and other places around the Bay watershed. ESTC also serves as a home to the Eastern Shore Education Resource Center, where educators can obtain resources for use in their programs. Trainings provided at and by the Center communicate the work of NOAA and Cooperative Oxford Laboratory and NOAA partners like the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The Center can offer workshops at partner sites throughout the Bay watershed. Future online presence will enable videoconferencing and online training opportunities.

Workshop participants can access an archive of workshop resources HERE.