ESTC Workshops--Climate Change and the Chesapeake Bay

This workshop series was held at the NOAA Environmental Science Training Center in Oxford, Maryland, January 24, March 24, April 14, and May 6, 2011.

Climate change is the most important environmental issue of our time, with overwhelming trends illustrating this change and wide-ranging effects on society and the environment—including the melting of ice sheets, sea level rise, ecosystem changes, alterations in ocean chemistry, and global water supplies. The United States is already facing the effects of climate change, and the Chesapeake Bay region is particularly vulnerable to many of these impacts. This four-part workshop series was a collaborative process that provided participants:

  • In-depth knowledge of key aspects of climate science
  • Access to resources for teaching about climate change
  • Experience with hands-on activities for exploring issues related to a changing climate
  • Opportunities for stewardship actions that can address the causes and the consequences of a changing climate


  • An introduction to climate change: What is it, how do we know about it, and how will it affect the Chesapeake Bay?
  • Sea level rise: How is it measured, and why is the Chesapeake Bay particularly vulnerable to it?
  • How will climate change affect the plants and animals that live in the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed?
  • Tips to effectively communicate about climate change, encourage stewardship, and foster behavior change