Identify Jellyfish

Chrysaora quinquecirrha is whitish in color and is the most abundant jellyfish found in the Bay and tidal tributaries. 










Chrysaora quinquecirrha with red/maroon markings found in the southern portion of the Bay.







The Moon Jelly, Aurelia aurita, is a clear, flattened disk, with numerous small tentacles around the edge and a pink four-leaf clover design in the middle.






lionmaneThe Lion's Mane jellyfish, Cyanea capillata, common during the winter, is brown in color and has long tentacles hanging from the edge of its swimming disk and middle.







Nonstinging ctenophores or comb jellies are abundant during the summer. They are transparent and are seldom noticed, except at night when they glow if disturbed.





mushroomIn autumn, the Mushroom Cap jellyfish, Rhopilema verrilli, may enter the Bay. It has a deep swimming bell without tentacles and is creamy white with darker markings on the sturdy central tentacle structures.