Community-based Restoration Program

Through the Community-based Restoration Program, NOAA awards millions of dollars to national and regional partners and local grassroots organizations every year to conduct habitat restoration. Since 1996, the Community-based Restoration Program has restored habitats in partnership with state and local governments; tribal nations; students and educational institutions; youth conservation corps; private landowners; and nonprofit, nongovernmental, community, recreational, commercial, and environmental organizations. In addition to funding support, NOAA provides technical assistance to partners for these on-the-ground restoration projects that promote a conservation ethic and the stewardship of living marine resources.

Across the nation, NOAA, its partners, and thousands of volunteers are actively restoring coastal, marine, and migratory fish habitat. In the Chesapeake Bay region, this program has led to successful projects restoring native oyster, underwater grasses, wetlands, and shorelines, as well as removing stream barriers. NOAA encourages innovative projects ideas and welcomes new partners in habitat restoration.

Wetlands along a Chesapeake Bay tributary